Fresh Roses Wholesale

Miami is the major fresh roses wholesale hub for Eastern USA

Ecuador and Colombia lead the way as the 2 major south American flower exporters.

There are many dependable importers and wholesalers ready to ship gorgeous roses from their Countries or their Miami based operations.

Rose Display

As I always say, check first your local retail florist or wholesaler.

Rose Types

The fresh cut roses in the wholesale market today are for the majority hybrid teas, but another type of rose that is gaining prominence in the flower design world is garden roses.

Wholesale Rose Prices

Wholesale rose prices depends on length, variety and time of the year.

To find out more about purchasing or seeing varieties check the Global wholesale Rose link. They are a good Miami based online floral wholesale company. Global Wholesale Roses

Roses shipped to Europe fly from Colombia and Ecuador.

Roses to Europe fly to Germany and are usually transported via truck to other European states.

Wholesale Roses

Pricing Information

The price of wholesale roses fluctuates through the year.

All rose bunches contain 25 roses and sold by the box unless you pick them up at our select South Florida locations.

For online ordering you can check GlobalRose pricing and with free shipping you do not have extra charges to figure out.

Your Choice of Roses Perfect for Weddings and Parties

Rose Links

Pictures of Roses from the World Flower Expo in Miami Florida.

Valentine's Day Flower Delivery

Guide to keep your fresh cut roses longer

Roses and their Meaning

Roses are red poems

Global Rose

Established in 1999 as an online fresh flower company serving the United States market. the farms of Globalrose have been cultivating flowers for over 30 years.

More than 26 000 000 flowers sold. Close to 32 000 special events. Over 10 000 satisfied Brides.

We grow more than 90 different rose varieties and offer almost every type of flower available in different quantities to meet your needs. The 30 years of experience we have in growing flowers coupled with our established sales force enables us to guarantee a high-quality and consistent product that is shipped directly to your doorstep.

You can buy larger quantities from us than most of our competitors for a fraction of the price per stem. By buying bulk you save money and at the same time you can receive the freshest possible flowers directly from the farm.

Why Globalrose? It's very simple. You can't get a fresher higher quality flower at such a great price. And the reason is Globalrose is defying the traditional fresh flower supply chain. On average it takes at least seven days for a flower to travel from the farm to the local supplier. This means flowers supplied by your local retailer are approximately 10 days old by the time you take them home. Globalrose is cutting out the middleman and going directly from the farm to your door.

All Globalrose flowers are no more than four days old upon arrival to our customers. That's at least five days fresher than the industry average! And because there is no middleman, the Globalrose price is much more attractive. With Globalrose, you can't go wrong.

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