Wholesale Artificial Flowers

I buy bulk wholesale artificial flowers from various importers in Miami and a few others from the West Coast and the East coast.

There are quite many different types of artificial flowers: silk flowers, latex flowers, paper flowers that look as real as the fresh flowers.

Contrary to popular belief, artificial flowers do age and need to be replaced after a few years.

If you are looking for bulk silk flowers or permanent floral designs please contact me. and I will direct you to the importer close to you.

If you are looking to purchase already made artificial flower designs in Fort Lauderdale and vicinity come and visit Joys Florist for unique Silk Flower Centerpieces.

I am also available to create unique collections for Corporations. In the past my designs sold in department Stores like Burdine's, Jordan Marsh, Ritchie's of Atlanta, JC Penney, furniture stores and gift shops.

The below line of bulk artificial flowers is from a Miami supplier.

Bulk Artificial Flowers

All bulk artificial flowers in this website are shipped from Miami,or can be picked up in Ft Lauderdale.

Discount Artificial Flowers

Free Shipping Discount for artificial flowers available with purchase of $99 or more. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

23" Ranunculus Stem (Set of 12)


Height - 23" Widht 6.5 Depth 2.5" Number of stems - 12

The incredible beauty of the Ranunculus Flower cannot be overstated. With its winding, verdant stems and soft, full blooms that positively swirl with color; these enchanting flowers will brighten any area they adorn. Bold and beautiful, each individual stem is something to behold, not to mention the effect of several together. Sold in a set of twelve stems.

28.5" Cosmo Stem (Set of 12)


Height 28.5" - Width 9" - Depth 7" - Number of stems - 12

What an interesting flower we have here: the cosmos stem is appealing to the eye for several reasons. First, it has interesting steams that curve and branch in a spider-like manner. Then, these stems are adorned with leafy greens, and full blooms that burst with color. Available in several hues, this Cosmos stem makes the perfect gift for that special someone who appreciates unique beauty.

29" African Lily Stem (Set of 12)


Height 29" - Width 12" Depth 6" Number of stems 12

Wild and carefree – that perfectly describes this stunning member of the Lily family. This African Lily is a perfect silk reproduction of one of the most interesting flowers in nature. The bottom of each individual stem sports lush leaves that cascade up and out, from which this flower's bloom literally "pops" in a wild array of soft petals. Display several in a vase for the full effect of this wonderful specimen. Sold in a set of twelve stems.

31" Large Rose Stem (Set of 12)


Height 31" - Width 11" Depth 5" Number of stems 12

Bursting with color, these roses are created to represent flowers at a peak bloom; with full, lush heads and petals that command attention (and will last forever). Complete with hunter green stems and faux thorns, these look so real your guests will be "stopping to smell the roses" every time they come over. Sold as a set of 12.

36" Gladiola Stem (Set of 12)


Height 36" - Width 9" Depth 4" Number of stems 12

A member of the Iris family, and sometimes referred to as a Sword Lily,
this three foot Gladiolas features soft, bulbous blooms that burst forth from their feathery green stems. One of the most delicate-looking flowers, a group of these set in a vase will bring warmth to any area they occupy.
Best of all, they'll never need water, and their gentle delicacy will last a lifetime. Sold as a set of 12. 

38.5" Delphinium Stem (Set of 12)


Height 38.5" - Width 7" Depth 5" Number of stems 12

The Delphinium flower can be described as bold and subtle both. With its soft, billowy blooms, a single stem permeates a quiet beauty that matches up against any other flower. But put several stems in an arrangement, and you've got a literal explosion of color that cascades in all directions, creating one of the more attractive centerpieces imaginable. Sold by the pack of twelve, these delicate silk beauties will look fresh for years to come.

Calla Lilly Silk Flowers (12 Stems)


Height 28" - Number of stems 12

One of the most stunning lilies, the Calla Lily, can be yours forever with these Nearly Natural beauties. Why not use them in bridal party bouquets and centerpieces that are given to your guests? You'll capture the memories of your special day for all who receive them.

Dancing Lady Silk Orchid Flowers (12 Stems)


Height 33" - Width 14" Depth 13" Number of stems 12

With its delicate blooms of sunny petals adorning a green, leafy stem, the Dancing Lady Orchid has been captivating Orchid enthusiasts for years. And this stunning silk recreation lovingly captures the timeless beauty of this exotic flower, right down to the finest detail. Sold in bunches of twelve, these create a bouquet that will make anyone's eyes dance with delight.

Dancing Lady Silk Orchid Flowers (6 Stems)


Height 33" - Width 14" Depth 13" Number of stems 6

Are you looking for something personal to give that special loved one? Create your own Dancing Lady Silk Orchid arrangement using any one or all of these Nearly Natural silk flowers. Imagine how delighted the lucky recipient will be, especially when you tell them you made it!

Mini Phalaenopsis Silk Orchid Flowers (6 Stems)


Height 16" - Number of stems 6

You've seen what our expert silk flower designers do with our Mini Phalaenopsis Silk Orchid Flower, now it's your turn! Start with any one color, or all of them; then let your imagination take over. Design unlimited silk floral arrangements for your home, family, and friends. One word of caution…these Nearly Natural silk flowers may lead to an addiction for these beautiful orchids. Be sure you're ready to meet the demand!

Parrot Tulips Stems (12 Stems)


Height 23" - Width 8" Depth 2" Number of stems 6

With its fluffy, feathered petals sitting atop a wispy green stem, the Parrot Tulip embodies romance, beauty, and a touch of class that is unmatched by any other flower. And with these amazing silk reproductions, the unmatched beauty will last a lifetime. Buy them for your own home, or give them to that special someone to brighten their day/month/years. Available in sets of twelve.
**Vase not included, stems only***

Phalaenopsis Silk Orchid Flower (Set of 12)


Height 31.5" - Width 8.5" Depth 3" Number of stems 12

Majestic in stature, yet delicate in form, this beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid personifies exactly why orchids are so sought after. The crisp green stalk bursts forth from a leafy base and stands straight as an arrow, while the delicate blooms lightly grace the plant’s upper echelons. Available in several colors, these beautiful orchids make a perfect gift. Arrive in a set of 12.

Phalaenopsis Stem (Set of 6)


Height 31.5" - Width 8.5" Depth 3" Number of stems 6

Our Nearly Natural Phalaenopsis Silk Orchid Flowers have it all – established flowers, newly opening flowers, buds, leaves, and even aerial roots - everything you need to craft your own silk arrangements. Place your order today and get ready to put your talent to use!

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