Silk Flower Swag

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Geranium Swag

Swag of dainty berries mixed with vibrant red geraniums.

Dainty berries mixed with vibrant red geraniums. The blooming geraniums burst intermixed with a variety of green leaves for a textured and lifelike arrangement.

Height: 6 in.
Width: 11 in.
Depth: 32 in.

Phalenopsis Orchid Swag


30" Phalaenopsis Orchid & Pine Swag. Featuring soft, delicate blooms, green sprigs, and faux pine cones and berries, this wonderful accent piece looks great on a bookcase, hanging from a wall, draped over a mantle, or about a million other places (like we said, look around your home or office and use your imagination.) 

Height: 30 In.
Width: 12 In.
Depth: 6 In.

Sunflower Swag

sunflower swag.

Beautiful sunflower swag with brilliant bursts of yellow and just the right touch of red and brown.  Comes with a metal frame for added elegance.

Height: 27 In.
Width: 12 In.
Depth: 4 In.

Pine and Cones Swag

Iced pine cone swag

Nothing says the holidays quite like a bit of swag, right? Well, iced pine cone swag, that is. A perfect addition to any home’s holiday decor, this accent is perfect for hanging in any room, or displaying on any table. A selection of pine cones looks as if they have been kissed by newly fallen snow, as they nestle themselves within their beautiful green foliage. A perfect selection for your family get-togethers.

Height: 28 In.
Width: 11 In.
Depth: 4.75 In.

Greens and Pine Cones Swag


30" Green and Pine Swag. Brown, bumpy faux pine cones come intertwined with pine greenery to create a crisp-looking decoration that will freshen up any room.