Christmas LED Lights

Are you looking for LED Christmas lights for decorating your home or business? It's good!

LED lights are durable and designed to last up to 50 times longer than traditional bulbs, which means less waste being recycled or tossed in the landfill.

LED lights can also save up to 85 percent of the energy gobbled up by incandescent bulbs, and up to 50 percent of the energy used by fluorescents. That's in large part because much of the energy used by incandescent bulbs is "wasted" to produce heat instead of light.

Christmas LED Lights

That's why incandescent bulbs burn hot, while LED bulbs are cool to the touch (and safer as well.)

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As homeowners and companies make the decision to upgrade their lighting fixtures for whatever reason opting for the most energy efficient options like LEDs becomes a no brainer decision.

Use LED Holiday and when you're ready to put away holiday decorations until next year, LED lights can save you hassle and money.

Best of all, since many LED strings feature sealed bulb and socket pieces that keep out water and snow that can short them out, you generally don't need to worry about checking to see which bulbs have burned out or about throwing away the whole string if one bulb goes bad.

Unique Christmas Trees with LED lights

Overall I wish you a very Happy Christmas and Holidays.

Peace and Lights to All!

Make Lights, no war.

Thank you.

LED Lights Type

There are several types of LED lights.

  • LED Flex-Change Lights
  • Icicle Lights
  • Twinkle Lightst
  • Net Lights
  • Trunk Lights
  • Battery Christmas Lights
  • LED Snowfall Lights
  • LED Battery Candles
  • Unlit Christmas Trees
  • Colorful Trees
  • Outdoor Christmas Trees

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LED Christmas Trees

LED lights Christmas Tree

There really isn't anything that can replace the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree.

However, real Christmas trees are expensive, messy and arguably not environmentally friendly.

Our prelit artificial LED Christmas trees are a great alternative for those who have had enough of dealing with the hassle of a real Christmas tree. All of our LED trees feature our best-selling warm white wide angle LED Christmas lights with a life-like Oregon Fir style tree.

Available in 3 sizes: 7.5' - 9.5' - 12'.

Christmas Stockings personalized.

New this year! HolidayLEDs now offers a selection of personalized Christmas stockings. If you are looking for something other than the plain and ordinary holiday stockings and want customized and unique stockings for your family to be part of your holiday tradition our Christmas stockings are perfect.

These stockings are made of high quality materials and feature a wide selection of patterns. Each stocking can be customized with the text of your choosing in 3 different font styles.

Simply selection your stocking style, choose a font and tell us what you would like us to custom embroider on your stocking. It's that easy. These stockings will look great hanging on your mantel and illuminated with our LED Christmas lights.