Dried Flower Arrangements

Finding materials to make a dried flower arrangement was easier 10 years ago. In my conversations with Dutch natives Harry and John Zijl who grew up in the Holland dried flower business confirm that imports have decreased. Their USA import/wholesale dried flower business survives and thrives in the economic storm focusing on few niche products.

The popularity of dried flowers has not gone away, even though the number of suppliers dwindled down . You got to find the right source. Today there are new fresh loooking preserved flowers which are for now a best kept secret. It has to be since there would not be enough for all.

Dried flower arrangementDried Rose Heart, white dried ammobium, plumosum fern and green moss. Wire basket with French Ribbon

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Wholesale dried flowers information.

Or learn the methods of preserving fresh flowers and new preserved flowers and foliage coming up in the market for 2012.

I digged into my old flower pictures album to share the dried flower arrangements, dried flower wreaths and dried floral bouquets we created back in the 1990s.

Our floral designs became popular. A dream started in a small one bedroom apartment, but grew to employ 30 people and sold a million dollars in two years under our original "Flower Dreams" label.

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Brochure for wholesale dried flower designsDried Flower Collection made by Flower Dreamers in 1994

Dried Flower Swags.

Flower Dreams Showroom Hollywood Fl. 1995Designer Keiko Nakamura and Carla Calvenzani visiting Dried flower showroom

We designed flower swags using natural birch, sweet huck, dried flowers, herbs and foliage.

It was the resurgence of the Victorian Era, naturally dried flower wreaths, dried flower bouquets, rustic country baskets, Battemberg lace, French wired ribbons.

Dried Flower arrangements brochureDried Flower arrangements brochure created by Paolo Calvenzani and Connie Gallaway in 1997
Dried flowers wholesale designs brochureDried Floral arrangements created by Paolo Calvenzani and Connie Gallaway in 1997
Angel decorated with dried flowers. By Keiko NakaumuraRomantic Cherub decorated with mini dried roses
Terracotta pot with mushroom birdDried floral design featuring wild floral and mushroom bird
Fairy Gourd by Paolo CalvenzaniCarved gourd with flower fairy
Dried flower parallel designDried flower parallel design with roses, wheat and hydrangea. French Provence Style

Dried Flower Arrangements Wholesale

Dried flower swagDried floral Eucalyptus swag with French ribbon

We created countless original dried flower arrangements. Our dried floral bouquets and designs were sold by Department stores and hundreds of stores in USA.

Later, we sold the business to a Venezuelan venture and began my freelancer life in the flower business.

Silk Dried Flower Arrangements

Dried flower displayDried flowers display at show featuring Sunflowers Topiary Tree and pots

Adding silk to dried flower arrangements expanded the variety of flowers to be used because of the limitation of dried flower varieties. I do quite a few custom order arrangements for clients and use also preserved flowers and foliages which I love.

Standing floral bouquet with siilk and dried flowersStanding dried floral bouquet by Paolo Calvenzani
Dried flower oval wreathRomantic Dried floral wreath with love birds
Hanging wreath with mushroom birdOval wreath with mushroom bird decorated with dried flowers

Dried Flowers and Foliage