Dried Flowers Wholesale

If you are looking to purchase dried flowers wholesale I have a few resources I can share.

One of the dried flower suppliers sell only by the box, the other will accomodate clients seeking just a few bunches.

I personally buy salal leaves, (excellent quality) eucalyptus, preserved reindeer, mood and Spanish moss, all my fall leaves and Christmas pine cones at fantastic prices.

Dried flower Poppy arrangement. Made in 1998 by Paolo

If you are looking for a dependable wholesale source please send me your price list request. Thanks

Bulk Dried Flowers

If you are looking for bulk dried flowers to make your own dried flower arrangement, sthere is quite a selection of field dried flowers. Strawflowers, Delphinum, Lavander, Hydrangeas, Peppers, Globe amaranthus, Sunflowers, celosia, oregano and more.

Buy Eucalyptus

Wholesale Tree Moss - Spanish Moss

Wholesale Sheet Moss Green

Dried Flowers and Wreaths

If you are in the business of making dried flower wreaths, my wholesaler has birch and sweet huck wreaths.

A note of caution. If dried flowers are fine for inside decoration, they will age fast outside. It is better to use the natural wreath base and artificial flowers. (Not latex that tends to melt in the sun)

Dried Flower Swags

Birch swags are available for you to add flowers or simply use it as a natural decoration. If you want to make your own swag, the way is to buy the birch branches bundles.

With the same method you can create salaal leaves swags for a greener look, or add them to the base. It is quite popular to use natural birch branches in a vase for a natural organic decor and I use it to accent potted orchids.

I also have a great connection to buy eucalyptus swags, eucalyptus wreaths, and eucalyptus bunches at wholesale prices!

Wholesale dried flower catalogue

For a price list write to: Dried Flowers wholesale contact

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Dried flower arrangementDried flower arrangement with wild grass, celosia and mushrooms
Parallel flower arrangement with dried flowersParallel flower arrangement with dried roses, larkspur and hydrangea