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The USA retail florist business has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. Overall the florists have been declining in number, replaced by the competition from the Internet and local big stores.

Nevertheless, the florist is unbeatable in delivering certain custom flower services that big stores can't.

The best florist you can buy will not depend on any flower service to survive, but will have gained a loyal clientele, and would be able to draw business from the Internet.

Those who have survived and are prospering are those who are taking advantage of the various niches available to those starting a flower centered business. An example is the wedding/party only florist who is solely dedicated to one or two aspects of the floral niche.

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Buying a Florist Business

Buying a florist business is another option from buying a franchise or starting a florist business from the ground up. Certainly Do not buy one without studying the books.

Florists depend on their designs. Will the main designer stay aboard. Will the new clients like you?

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