Keep Roses Fresh Longer

How to keep cut roses fresh?

Following are my suggestions.

The colder they are, the longer will live. The cold inhibits bacterias. Off course, not below the freezing point.

Keep-Roses-Fresh-Longer by re cutting the stems after a couple of days is very important, because it gives a better water flow through the new cut.

Rose Aqua

Cutting the stem under water prevents bubbles of air entering the stem. (Few do it)

The roses love water and can be immersed completely for a few hours to re-energize them. I have saved many with this method.

How long should a fresh cut rose last in the vase?

Most florist will guarantee 4 to 5 days.

But, if the above procedures are followed the rose can last up to two weeks.

It is truly a miracle of modern science that we can cut a rose in South America and have it delivered to USA or Europe within 48 -72 hours.

Roses and their meaning

Roses are red poems.

Pictures of roses

Fresh Cut Roses Observation

White Rose, Akito

You cannot judge a rose from it's first petals.

These first petals are called "Guard petals" and they are rough looking. The designer usually takes these first petals off.

The beauty and magic of the rose, is revealed when the rose opens up.

Often the color inside will be different then the outer petal.

The freshness of the rose can be evaluated via the leaves and the bud. Healthy green foliage indicates freshness.

Examine the bud by squeezing gently the rose head. The center should feel quite firm, while the older rose will start to feel mush.

Sweet unique rose
Rose Tango
Rose Vanity
Rose Vodoo

Re-cut stems every 2 days

Immerse them in water

Don't leave them in the sun

Rose big fun
Rose wow
Rose yellow unique
Rose Attache
Rose Amelia White