Lucky Bamboo Wholesale

If you are looking to purchase lucky bamboo wholesale, vases, river rocks, or would like to know how to import it from China, I have 2 wholesale resources, one on the West Coast and one in the East.

They imported lucky bamboo and accessories for several years now.

Their greenhouse and wholesale nursery is in Cooper City, South Florida and open by appointment only.

Shipping out of USA has become more difficult due to customs regulations, however, if you like to import it into your Country, you need to check all laws before hand.

Lucky bamboo nursery Cooper City Florida

Many new products will be available for shipping starting September 30th, 2015. Please come back for updates.

For shipping lucky bamboo, there is a minimum purchase of $150-250 depending on the product. (It usually takes a week to ship out your order)

For lucky bamboo containers, please check Wholesale Lucky Bamboo Vases

If you would like to learn how to care for your lucky bamboo plant and it's history, please check my: Free Lucky Bamboo Guide

Please contact me for details via email filling the contact us form (but you may call me at 954-471-0010 if you have any urgent questions.)


Straight Lucky Bamboo

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 4" $5.00

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 6" $7.50

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 8" $10.00

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 10" $12.50

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 12" $15.00

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 14" $20.00

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 16" $22.50

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 18" $25.00

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 24" $36.00

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 36" $55.00

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 48" $75.00

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 60" $90.00

Lucky Bamboo Straight

Curly Lucky Bamboo

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 6-8" $25.00

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 10-12" $30.00

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 14-16" $35.00

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 20-24" $50.00

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 25-32" $60.00

10 Stalks Bundle: Size 32-38" $75.00

Lucky Bamboo Curly

Lucky Bamboo Heart

Lucky bamboo heart 8 to 12" - $55.00 for 10 ($5.50 each)

Lucky bamboo heart 12 to 15" - $60.00 for 10 ($6.00 each)

Lucky bamboo heart 16 to 20" - $70.00 for 10 ($7.00 each)

Heart shaped lucky bamboo

Lucky Bamboo Pineapple Shape

Pineapple shape Size $18.00

Used often as a welcome gift

Pineapple shaped lucky bamboo

Lucky Bamboo Towers

3 Layers Large $14.00

2 Layers Large $9.75

3 Layers Small $9.00

2 Layers Small $10.00

Lucky bamboo towers

Ponytail Bamboo (Dracaena)

Lotus Bamboo

The Ponytail bamboo is a fresh addition to the design possibiliies of lucky bamboo. In this design 5 staks are woven together creating a ponytali effect.

Ponytail bamboo
lotus bamboo 5 stalks arrangement
lotus bamboo 3 stalks arrangement
Pony Tail 8" $45.00 for 10 ($4.50 each)
Pony Tail 12" $60.00 for 10 ($6.00 each)
Pony Tail 16" $70.00 for 10 ($7.00 each)
Pony Tail 20" $75.00 for 10 ($7.50 each)
Lotus Bamboo  
Lotus Bamboo  

River rocks

Direct Lucky bamboo Importers

Best Wholesale Price

Shop and compare for lucky bamboo best prices. And a reminder, the best is to find local resources.

Lucky Bamboo Wire
Gold Chinese Wire
Money Trees
Poney Tail