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I love orchids and Florida is the ideal climate to grow them.

Throughout my years in Florida I developed a network of orchids growers as well as orchids importers.

Fresh cut orchids are shipped mainly from Thailand, Holland Hawaii,and New Zealand.

Potted orchids from Florida and Hawaii.

I deal with the following types of orchids:

Dendrobium Orchid

These are dependable and trusted sources I have done business with for years.

Types of Orchids

Potted Orchids

Potted purple phalenopsis orchid
  • Phalenopsis.
  • Dendrobium.
  • Cattleya.
  • Lady Slipper.
  • Oncydium

Potted orchids are usually sold in 4" or 6" plastic pots by the growers.

Prices vary from $8.00 for 4" pots, and $14.00 and up for the 6" pots.

Other types of plants are available with more stalks and blooms, or rare kinds at higher prices.

My potted orchids grower connections are from South and Central Florida.

Wholesale Fresh Orchids 

Light purple dendrobium orchid

  • Cymbidium
  • Phalenopsis
  • Dendrobium,
  • Vanda Orchids

    Pre-order two weeks in advance is suggested.

Every week my importer receives fresh cut cymbidium orchids flown from Holland to Miami, USA.

We also receive phalenopsis, dendrobium and vanda orchids.

Holland is the premier Cymbidium grower and shipper in the world, but other Countries have joined the race. New Zealand, Hawaii, Colombia, Ecuador and several others.

The life span of Cymbidium orchids is the longest of all fresh cut orchids. Often my clients tell me that they lasted 3 weeks.

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Vanda blue Orchid
Dendrobium Orchid white
Vanda Orchid brown
Phalenopsis orchids