Orchid Species Cymbidium

Among the orchid species available, fresh cut cymbidium orchids are a rave in today's flower design.

My Florida based importer has gone to Holland to find a dependable source. They are flown every week to USA via Miami and the varieties below are usually available.

I love to design with cymbidium orchids, each bloom is a work of art. Great for weddings. They display great in cylinder vases so often used for modern flower arrangements

The individual blooms are used in Corsages, Boutanniers, and all types of flower arrangements.

Cymbidium orchids are extremely long lasting. It not uncommon to look good for 3 weeks. If you plan to use the stem inside a vase, make sure the vase diameter is not too small.

If you need smaller orchids, consider using mini cymbidium. They are exquisite

Many Internet companies sell them without specifying the size. Size matters, because the bigger size will have more blooms

Make sure to find out what size you are buying.

If you expect to match colors, be aware that shades of colors might come a little darker or lighter.

If Holland Cymbidium orchid's supply dries up in summer time, New Zealand orchids can be obtained.

Dendrobium orchids.


Price Of Cymbidium Orchids

Fresh Cut from Holland from $18.00 Per Stem. At list 10 blooms per stem. Minimum Order is one box of 10.

Mini Cymbidium orchid stems from $12.00 per stem. Minimum Order is 18 stems per box. (12-15 blooms)

Prices can vary from color to color. Please contact us for today's price.

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Pictures of Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Ann MarieAnn Marie
Cymbidium Baltic Snow MollyBaltic Snow Molly
Cymbidium Burgundy VelvetBurgundy Velvet
Cymbidium JoninaJonina
Cymbidium JungfaruJungfaru
Cymbidium Mint IceMint Ice
Cymbidium PeppermintPeppermint
Cymbidium PiedmontPiedmont
Cymbidium RustRust
Cymbidium ShoganShogun
Cymbidium SilverSilver
Cymbidium Snow CastleSnow Castle
Cymbidium Velvet FlossVelvet Floss
Cymbidium VenusVenus
Cymbidium VerginVergin
Cymbidium WasabiWasabi
Cymbidium WinterbrideWinter Bride
Cymbidium orchid apricotApricot
Cymbidium Apricot VelvetApricot velvet
Cymbidium Arcadian SunriseArcadian Sunrise
Cymbidium Bi-colorBi-color Novelty orchid
Cymbidium Coconut IceCoconut Ice
Cymbidium Cool PaulinCool Paulin
Cymbidium Eaglewood MokoroaEaglewood Mokoroa
Cymbidium FelineFeline
Cymbidium Festive CheerFestive Cheer
Cymbidium HyzenthleyHyzenthley
Cymbidium Ice GreenIce Green
Cymbidium Gymer CooksbridgeGymer Cooksbridge
Cymbidium Napoleon GlitterNapeleon Glitter
Cymbidium NevadaNevada
Cymbidium Gymer CooksbridgeGymer Cooksbridge
Cymbidium MerlotMerlot
Cymbidium Missing MervinMissing Mervin
Cymbidium Ovation EmeraldOvation Emerald
Cymbidium Paphiopedilum HybridPaphiopedilum Hybrid
Cymbidium PaterickPaterick
Cymbidium Powder PuffPowder Puff
Cymbidium Red WineRed Wine
Cymbidium SmileySmiley
Cymbidium Tracey GeyserlandTracey Geyserland
Cymbidium Valya CraigValya Craig
Cymbidium VanguradVanguard
Cymbidium Waikanae GoldWaikanae Gold

Cymbidium Orchids Arrangement Ideas

Cymbidium orchid blooms used in shorter vases

I love to design with cymbidium orchids. You can use the blooms for short arrangements, accents, or simply use the all stem inside a vase. For night events you can use lights inside the to give it a unique look.

Orange cymbidium orchids arrangement
Cymbidium orchid stem inside glass vase and accents
White cymbidium orchids arrangement
Modern flower arrangement. Cymbidium orchid stem, wire

Cymbidium Orchids

Contact me for details.

Variegated Cymbidium orchid
Mini cymbidium orchids
Orange Cymbidium orchid in bamboo
Green Cymbidium orchid arrangement in metal container.