Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers are obtained with a safe chemical process involving the absorption of glycerin and secret polymers to stabilize the process and make the preserved floral product last.

I believe that the Europeans perfected this preservation method.

Preserved flowers are different than freeze dried flowers or dried flowers.

They are longer lasting and softer to the touch. They cannot be distinguished from fresh flowers because they are fresh flowers preserved in that state.

Preserved Gardenia white arrangement in glass vase

They are still unknown to the general public, even though their popularity is bound to grow. If once preserved roses were just for kings and queens, they are now available to all. Well, there is only a limited amount.

The preserved roses are quite stunning. especially the premium heads.

Can you imagine having a real rose that would last for years? Well, you can! What about a black rose? We have it!

Many are enamored with gardenias and now you can have the most beautiful gardenia for seasons to come. Preserved hydrangeas are one of my favorites and there are quite a few colors to choose from. The same preservation process is applied to fresh foliage and it is an essential component designing your flower arrangements.

Preserved Roses

Preserved roses are available for purchase and shipped anywhere in the United States

There are 12 colors available. 6 roses per box. No assorted boxes.  

See all colors at the preserved roses page. Thanks

Preserved Rose Designs

Preserved red rose terrarium
Preserved white rose terrarium

Pear shaped terrariums 

Preserved Gardenia

Preserved Gardenia

Many people are asking for gardenias to be used in their weddings. Gardenias are a very delicate flower and it is not so easy to make it last, especially in bridal bouquets.

The best alternative is using preserved fresh gardenias, available in 4 different colors.

Preserved Hydrangea

Preserved hydrangea is available in many different colors. It is soft to the touch and a perfect match for the preserved roses. It is used for wedding flower arrangements, bridal bouquets and everyday floral designs.

Preserved Foliage

Preserved foliage is an essential component for preserved floral arrangements. It is the Evergreen touch to the flower design creations.

Some of my favorites are salaal leaves, also known as lemon leafs, ming fern, phoenix palms (When you want to make a palm tree)

Preserved flower: hydrangea
Preserved flower: hydrangea

preserved phoenix palm
Palm preserved washingtonia
preserved salal leaves

Red preserved roses in glass
Blue preserved roses in glass

Preserving Fresh Flowers

Preserved Roses

Preserved Flowers and foliage

Preserved hydrangeas

Preserved roses

Preserved foliage

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