Preserved Roses

Preserved roses are becoming more available and people are discovering that fresh roses can last for seasons defying the natural death of its blossom. 

Thanks to a safe chemical process involving the absorption of glycerin and secret polymers and the addition of dyes, the roses are just but "Stunning" 

Can you imagine having a real rose that would last for years? Well, you can! What about a black rose? We have it!

Bulk Preserved Roses

For the Preserved rose colors available for purchase see the below roses.

There are 12 colors available. 6 roses per box. No assorted boxes.  

Preserved Rose Designs

Preserved red rose terrarium
Preserved white rose terrarium
Preserved yellow rose terrarium

Preserved rose terrariums

$25 each

Preserved roses design

Pear shaped terrariums $24 each

White preserved rose terrarium

Preserved rose in  glass bowl. $24

Preserved rose in  glass bowl. $24

Six red roses in a box. $30
Or choose your favorite color from the above selection.

Preserved red roses petals

Red roses petals $24
Covering a 24 inches by 22 surface. Over 300 petals.

Preserved Flowers

Preserving Fresh Flowers

Preserved Roses

Contact me for any questions on purchasing the preserved roses.

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