SBI Review

Paul Calvenzani and Keiko Nakamura.

SBI Review by Paolo Calvenzani.

I am from the flower riviera of Genova, Italy. After coming to USA in 1980 and marrying Japanese designer Keiko Nakamura we had a dream to start our own niche flower business.

In 1984 Flower Dreams was born. We specialized in dried flowers and created one of a kind designs that soon became very much in request.

We imported never seen before flowers from Holland and employed over 25 people selling millions of dollars of dried floral products to department stores, supermarkets, furniture stores and gift stores.

I also traveled to Colombia, Venezuela, Italy, and various USA cities to work and consult companies in various methods of preservation, as well as designed floral lines for the USA and European market.

After selling my business in 1997, I freelanced in the Events industry and tried to duplicate my business on the Internet.

Discovering SBI - Site Build It.

If I had a dream to start an Internet flower business, I was totally clueless how. In 1997 I partnered with a technology expert and even though I had the most complete dried flower catalog online, it went nowhere. Further attempts brought no success.

It was years later, in 2009 when I discovered Site Build It, now branded as "Solo Build it". Ken Evoy, the founder, helped me to comprehend how to be successful on the Internet. Not only he thought the fundamental truth about the Internet business, but also created the most comprehensive set of tools to succeed on the Internet. The SBI action guide is a beacon of light in the vast and confusing Internet world.

Because of  Ken Evoy teaching I was able to experience the power of the Internet and changed my life to degrees I never imagined.

SBI Review - SBI Made Me Money

From the time I discovered SBI I estimate helping to sell online a couple of millions of dollars of floral products and millions more for other clients products.

And other income streams:

  • Earnings of tens of thousand of dollars selling my SEO and website building knowledge to clients.
  • Earnings of a couple of thousand dollars from SBI affiliate program 
  • Earnings of a couple of thousand dollars from Google Adsense. 
  • Earnings of few thousand dollars commissions from local merchants.

Becoming Number 1 on Google

My dream of helping other floral entrepreneurs in their path has come true thanks to SBI teaching. I am now on the first page of Google for the search terms: "start a flower business" or start an online flower business and so many more keywords. 

SBI taught me how the proper research can make the difference between success and failure. Please understand that I failed many Internet projects for myself and others. From the failures I learned invaluable lessons and I wish you not to repeat these mistakes.

SBI Review Scam 

To further my SBI review and for all the people wondering if SBI is a scam, I am saddened by the unscrupulous individuals who are paid to discredit SBI and sell another product from the "Wealthy Affiliate" website.

Please be insured that SBI is not a get rich scheme and its money back guarantee of 90 days takes away every worry.

Many of my flower business friends  were also critical of SBI and continued their way of online marketing via PPC and hiring SEO companies who promised the world and at the end delivered nothing in return. Others were suspended for hiring SEO firms with bad practices. 

It's now 2017 and they have disappeared while I have not only survived the economic recession but helped others to survive it and prosper.

My SBI review comes from over 8 years experience.

My Experience with SBI 

Discovering SBI was the best thing that could have happened to me. All the flower knowledge I acquired had basically no value in the physical world.

SBI tools and the action guide helped to research and find my online flower niche. The money spent on SBI has been the best investment in my life.

No, it was not easy to make money for the first two years where I went from a total newbie to webmaster.

I wish that all the entrepreneurs contemplating SBI not to pass the opportunity to test drive it and begin your personal journey to success.

The Future of E-Commerce

“... the emerging digital entertainment economy is going to be radically different from today's mass market. If the twentieth-century entertainment industry was about hits, the twenty-first will be equally about niches.

For too long we've been suffering the tyranny of lowest-common-denominator far, subjected to brain-dead summer blockbusters and manufactured pop. Why? Economics.

Many of our assumptions about popular taste are actually artifacts of poor supply-and-demand matching - a market response to inefficient distribution.”

Chris Anderson, The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More