Sheet Moss Green

There is substantial market in green sheet moss gathered from the wild.

It is used widely by florists and craft artisans. If sheet moss is a beautiful green when fresh, it will become brown overtime.

A few decades ago methods to preserve the moss were developed and the "New preserved Moss" will maintain it's freshness and color because has been dyed.

sheet moss in nature

A little secret to make your brown moss green again. Just get food coloring at the supermarket and with a spray bottle and right solution you can give the freshness back. It is a safe and non toxic.

Spanish moss, Reindeer moss, Mood Moss

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Beetle covered moss

You can buy dried sheet moss, or preserved.

You can cover almost anything with moss.

Cover a chair.

Cover your car.

Cover yourself.

Sheet Moss Green Preserved

sheet moss green

I prefer use the preserved green sheet moss when creating shapes such as in topiaries, spheres, or when creating artificial floral designs.

All of our sheet moss has been harvested, dried or preserved in the USA.

Purchasing our sheet moss helps countless American families earn from harvesting earth gifts.

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Sheet Moss Wholesale

Price List (Minimum order apply)

Product Pack Package Unit Cost Case
Sheet Moss dried natural 20 4 Oz $1.65 $33.00
Sheet Moss dried natural 10 8 Oz $2.75 $27.50
Sheet Moss dried natural 7 1 Lb bag $4.50 $30.00
Sheet Moss dried natural 1 2 Lb box $11.75 $11.75
Sheet Moss dried natural 1 3 Lb box $13.75 $13.75
Sheet Moss dried natural 1 4 Lb box $15.95 $15.95
Sheet Moss fresh in waxed box 1 box $13.50 $13.50
Sheet Moss preserved Green 1 3 Lb box $19.75 $19.75
Sheet Moss preserved Green 8 1 Lb $9.95 $79.60
Sheet Moss preserved Green 15 8 Oz $5.00 $80.00
Sheet Moss preserved Green 20 4 Oz $3.00 $60.00

Natural Sheet Moss

Preserved Sheet Moss

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