Starting an Internet
Flower Business

Starting an Internet Flower Business its easy. Just become an affiliate for an Internet based flower venture and you can be in business within a very short amount of time. Becoming successful is another story.

My first Internet Flower business failed, and after becoming successful with my Internet flower website, I decided to share the best method to succeed as a online flower entrepreneur.

Knowledge of flowers, passion for flowers design will not make money on the Internet unless you know how build an optimized web site.

94% fail to attract the traffic needed to generate sales. Hiring professional marketers who promise the "Pie in the Sky" is also a reason for disappointment by floral business entrepreneurs who conclude that the Internet is not working.

How to Build a Successful Flower Web Site

Even though I was involved with site building since the early 90s it was only in 2006 that I came across the process, software, guidance and help that enabled me to create a profitable business from the Internet.

The first florist website I took over as webmaster is now generating "Vital" daily orders and has been able to keep the business afloat in the bad economy and is the driving force to greater floral sales and revenues.

Flower Wire Services

Besides major wire Service like Teleflora, 1800flowers or FTD, you can have a site built with flower templates for a little or none set up fee and a monthly charges of usually $50 to 70 monthly.

The weakness of wire services sites and others is the fact that none have been built with the proper optimization, nor properly submitted to the search engines.

It is up to you to market the web site.

Many entrepreneurs buy a florist depending on wire services and foot traffic to carry the business only to find out that there is not enough business. The traditional newspapers advertisement or yellow pages does not work anymore.

Online Flower Business Niche

You need to find your online niche for the flower business you are planning. Do you want to sell flowers at retail, wholesale, offer services? You must research the online behaviour of your prospective clients.

The software I use to find the demand and competition of specific products, it delivers at the touch of a button the essential information to discover it's potential.


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Internet Floral Business

The Internet floral business has exploded and is growing, but who is benefiting from it?

What are the good and bad news for the USA flower industry and it's customers, the flower buyers?

Before the Internet the flower business was locally based and sustained by American growers, but the development of flower farms in Colombia, Ecuador and other Caribbean and South American Countries, changed the flower scene.

If it was bad news for the American flower farms, it also meant that a greater availability of flower types became available at a better price.

The Internet broke the traditional chain of distribution. From the flower grower/importer to the wholesaler, to the retail florist and finally delivered to the flower buyer.

The lure is for the flower buyer is to buy directly from the farms. You send an email, and Jose or Carmen go to pick up the perfect color for you. LOL.

Truth of the matter is that billions of dollars are sold through the net, and caused even more sales losses for the florist.

The reality is that even a small florist can take advantage of the Internet revolution, and increase sales in the most efficient way.

I did it for myself and other florists, and for other clients in different industries. I learned the scientific method which I teach in my Fort Lauderdale studio.
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Build a Business through your web site.

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