Wedding Flower Arrangements

Choosing the right wedding flower arrangements is not an easy task. Usually, before the flowers are chosen, the color scheme for the wedding day will be the determining factor for the final color choice.

Another way that brides and grooms choose the color scheme and flowers is determined by the season and location where the wedding is taking place, hence summer weddings, spring, autumn and winter.

Here in Florida where I am located, the choice for wedding flower types goes to roses, hydrangeas and orchids as the most popular.

Wedding flower girl

There are always special requests for (seasonal) flowers such as: the Lily of the Valley tulips, anemones, peonies, gardenias, freesia, dahlias and others.

Tropical flower arrangements are very requested for outdoor wedding, which include dendrobium, cymbidium or phalenopsis orchids, birds of paradise, ginger, proteas.

Ask your local florist what is available is the best way.

In the rose choice, garden roses are becoming more requested, as they are naturally open and the abundance of petals gives a stunning look.

My favorite is the David Austin garden rose, even though other farms are producing them such as Alexandra farms.

Wedding Colors

Wedding flower girl

I selected several pictures of wedding colors for flower arrangements and decor based on 6 colors: white, green, peach-orange, pink magenta and yellow. Pictures obtained from the John Henry designers)

Flowers can set up the mood for the event. Use vibrant colors for drama, soft colors for an idyllic atmosphere, and warm colors for romance.

I hope the following wedding flower arrangements ideas can help you choose the perfect flower arrangements for your wedding. Have a great day!


Additional floral arrangement ideas for your wedding

Green Wedding Flower Arrangements

Wedding flower centerpiece. Green
Wedding flower centerpiece. Tall Bells of Ireland. Green
Wedding flower centerpiece. Green cabbage roses in glass vase
Wedding flower centerpiece. Green Tree fren with flowers covered base
Wedding flower centerpiece. Green tones. Vase covered with fabric and flowers
Wedding flower centerpiece. Green. 3 tiers

White Wedding Flower Arrangements

Wedding bridal bouquet with white roses
Boutonnier for man
Wedding bridal bouquet mixed white flowers
Boutonniers for man's wedding. Modern
Wedding bridal bouquet with white callas
White Boutonniers for man's wedding

Pink Wedding Flower Arrangements

Wedding bridal bouquet lush pink
Wedding pink tulip centerpiece arrangement
wedding flower peonies centerpiece
Wedding pink centerpiece
wedding bridal bouquet pink tones
Wedding pink bridal bouquet

Wedding Favors

Choosing the perfect Wedding Favor from the Internet is quite a job.
So many choices. Unless you are planning to do your own favors, I would recommend wedding favors a company with great pricing and service.

Wedding Flower
Arrangement Ideas

Wedding flower arrangement with white gerbera in glass vase
Wedding flower arrangement in glass vase
wedding flower arrangement for table base decor
wedding bridal bouquet green scheme
wedding bridal bouquet green lavander