Wedding Planner

Wedding planner Maria Laura Roedel will share her wedding ideas and experiences with us. She has been working with brides and grooms for over 15 years. From owning succesfull flower shops in Southern California, to lead designer at the Ritz Carlton San Juan Purto Rico and now in Panama City.

Maria's experience is well recognized in the industry and all couples enjoy working with her to create the designs that make the ceremony and reception look stunning.

Wedding Planning Services

Wedding arrangements by Joys Florist Fort lauderdale

Do you need help for your destination wedding in Panama City or any other city?

Planning and coordinating a wedding can be an extremely hectic process. Maria Laura handles every detail freeing you and your family to savor every moment. As your wedding planner she she can help

  • Facility & Vendor Selection and Coordination florists, photographers, caterers, wedding locations

  • Ceremony Planning  invites, music, readings, celebrants

  • Day of Wedding On-site Coordination  making sure everything goes smoothly, so you can relax and enjoy the day

Whether you want your occasion to be large or small, simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary, you can have peace of mind knowing that she will be by your side making sure all the details are handled beautifully.

Maria Laura's tips on wedding planning

  • Have a budget. Be upfront with your vendors on exactly how much you can spend.

  • Make sure that you are listening to your florist, but also that they are listening to you.

  • Select a venue that is already beautiful and needs only a little enhancement.
Wedding ideas
  • Don't skimp on the bridal bouquet.

  • Boutonnieres should be simple and small.

  • When selecting flowers, stick with one or two colors.

  • Be flexible on the types of flowers you want. Keep in mind that certain flowers are seasonal.

  • Save money by mixing tall floral arrangements with several low ones.

  • Incorporating lots of candles with the centerpieces can stretch your budget.

  • Put your dollars where they show. Limit floral arrangements on cocktail tables, in the powder room and aisle decoration.

  • Don't cut back on ceremony flowers, which will show in the wedding photos.

  • When thinking about the weddings overall design, you can never go wrong with a clean classic look. Todays trend is a return to classic elegance.

  • Floral dĂ©cor wedding trends include larger rather than smaller blooms; glass containers and groups of flowers rather than mixing everything together.

Wedding Setting Ideas

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Wedding table setting
Wedding table setting ideas

Wedding Flower

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Earthy bridal bouquet by Maria Laura