Wholesale Lucky Bamboo Vases

If you are looking to purchase wholesale lucky bamboo vases we have quite a few new different styles which we are in the process to update for 2013-2014 season.

These vases are directly imported from China and Lisa will be happy to go over the best sizes for your lucky bamboo purchase.

For those who want to be in business with lucky bamboo, you can make it yourself purchasing the pots and raw lucky bamboo stalks and make 3 times mark up when you sell it retail.

We can also make larger custom arrangements with lucky bamboo upon your request.

If you are looking for artificial lucky bamboo please contact me for more details.

Lisa offer great pricing because she is the direct importer.

Lucky bamboo vase. Pineapple shaped

Lucky bamboo vase 1Vase 1

Lucky bamboo vase 2Vase 2

Lucky bamboo vase 3Vase 3
Lucky bamboo vase 4Vase 4

Lucky bamboo vase 5Vase 5
Lucky bamboo vase 6Vase 6

Lucky bamboo vase 7Vase 7

Lucky bamboo vase 8Vase 8
Lucky bamboo vase 9Vase 9
Lucky bamboo vase 10Vase 10

Lucky Bamboo 3 stalks.

We produce custom made arrangements for our clients. the three stalk design sell for $5.00. Larger pieces for office decoration, home decoration. Our designs can be used for fund raising projects as well as do it yourself projects for groups and organizations.

Please come back soon for updates.

lucky bamboo 3 stalks design
lucky bamboo 3 stalks design

lucky bamboo 3 stalks design

lucky bamboo 3 stalks design
lucky bamboo 3 stalks design
lucky bamboo 3 stalks design

Direct Importers

Lucky bamboo
vases wholesale Florida

Lucky bamboo custom designs.

Lucky bamboo Vase 11Vase 11
Lucky bamboo Vase 12Vase 12
Lucky bamboo Vase 13Vase 13
Lucky bamboo Vase 15Vase 15
Lucky bamboo Vase 18Vase 18
Lucky bamboo Vase 19Vase 19