Flower Arrangement Ideas


I created Flower Arrangement Ideas to share my flower journey and help those who want to start their own flower business.

I love the creative process of designing with flowers.

The work of the floral designer challenges your inner creativity and allures those seeking to become one.

In 1986 I started my first flower venture (Flower Dreams) in Florida USA. The flower mood was "Victorian" and dried flowers were the Floral Vogue.

Paolo Calvenzani and Keiko Nakamura first Flower ventureFloral Entrepreneurs Paolo Calvenzani and Keiko Nakamura

With talented floral designer Keiko Nakamura, we imported dried flowers from Holland and created original dried floral designs.

Today I create custom floral arrangements with artificial silk flowers and real preserved fresh flowers.

Thanks to Joy's Florist in FT Lauderdale I will share wedding floral arrangement ideas, wedding floral centerpieces ideas and wedding planner resources.

The flower business is not easy. If you are considering starting a florist business, I wrote on the subject including my favorite florist business guide to purchase.

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Floral Entrepreneur

Make Your Own Flower Arrangements

English flower gardenEnglish Flower Garden custom work

If you want to learn how to make your own flower arrangement, fresh or permanent, several flower designers offer classes in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, Florida

These classes teach basic flower arranging in a fun and relaxed manner.

Please, visit our Classes month schedule

Flower Arrangement Ideas 

Flower arrangement modern styleModern flower arrangement with cabbage roses

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

With this maxim in mind, we can appreciate learning of different design styles.

From modern flower arrangements ideas to traditional. From the East, the West and Down Under.

Flower Style.

Modern Flower Style.

Even though only a few flower designers will ever achieve a world wide fame, there are master designers within our midst. In every town there are great floral designers.

In my flower journey I marveled at the unique creations I observed.

This website is about my 30 year flower journey. Here is where I share my flower arrangement ideas, resources, wisdom and mistakes while building a business.

The Flower market has gone through drastic changes. In today's economic crisis, only the few and the smart will survive. I hope you find my tips valuable.

If you are considering starting a floral business please read starting a flower business guide to prevent you costly mistakes when purchasing or starting a floral business.

If you are considering buying a florist business in South Florida, or if you have one for sale, please contact me. Your questions are welcome and help is one e-mail away.

Wholesale Roses

Wholesale garden RosesEcuadorian fresh cut rose
Ecudorian rosePurple Rose from Ecuador

South Florida is the main importing center for flowers coming from South and Central America. After clearing customs, they are then redirected via truck or via plane to wholesalers and retail shops.

Fresh Roses Wholesale

Garden Roses retail and wholesale

To learn how to keep fresh cut roses longer check my rose guide.

You can discover about roses and their meaning.

Or have fun with roses are red poems.

From the World Flower Expo in Miami you can see Pictures of Roses

Custom Search

Lucky Bamboo

For lucky bamboo wholesale information check: Bamboo price List

For taking care of your plant I prepared a lucky bamboo guide.

Orchid Species.

Wholesale Tropical Wholesale Flowers.

Orchids South FloridaPotted orchid from South Florida

I can obtain fresh cut orchids from Holland and potted orchids grown in South Florida.

Cymbidium, Vanda, Oncidium, Dendrobium, and more.

To find out all the orchids I can obtain check:

If you are looking for tropical flowers and foliage like heliconias, birds of paradise, ginger, bananas and more check Wholesale tropical flowers

Silk Flower Arrangement Ideas

Silk flower centerpieceSilk flower centerpiece by Paolo

I love to mix silk flowers with real preserved botanical.

Most people have hard time to distinguish fresh from artificial or preserved.

To learn about the different products available check my:

Wholesale and products silk flower guide.

To get tips on designing permanent floral designs and resources you can explore my

Artificial Bamboo Trees and more.

I can obtain artificial bamboo trees and many other varieties. Some trees have natural trunks, others are man made. Prices depend on height and number of leaves.

My associates and I have installed artificial trees and designed custom artificial flowers for various Restaurants, Hotels, Offices, Country Clubs, Yachts and Private Homes in the South Florida Community.

Most trees can be shipped all over the USA, and I can give quotes for your specific requirements.

To find availability of other trees and plants please visit: Artificial Bamboo Trees.

Flower Business News

The power of the retailers becomes larger and that of the exporter smaller. For growers, and also for transporters and packaging companies, this is not necessarily a disadvantage, but they have to reinforce their position,” says Denny Baan. Denny, an independent entrepreneur in sales; he mediates between grower, exporter and end-customer. “A grower would in almost every case rather supply directly to the end-customer. However, often they are in a weaker position.”

Trade is an age-old game, and the power relationships are always subject to change. Currently it is the retailer who is in command. ''I have always been on the exporter’s side of the negotiating table and know how the pressure is increased on the grower and transporter. And yet, in recent years, despite growth, producer’s profits are not as high. However, more exporters are failing than growers and if this trend continues, in one or five years maybe only 100 will be left. That has everything to do with these changing dynamics, where nowadays not the exporter but the retailer is dominating.”

An example is a major retailer from Germany. They are gathering information of growers, to build up a corpus of information and increasingly approach growers directly. In the near future they will skip all that currently exist between them and the grower.  And retailers who are now working with exporters will in the future work more with an agent in order to avoid expensive third-party involvement.”

The grower of the future will become an export expert himself, and exporters will have to look for a new job. Denny is seeing the developments in his own career. He worked for 30 years at Univeg. Two years ago Univeg was undergoing an intensive reorganisation and so he had to look for a new job. In the few last years the turnover in the flowering branch of Univeg shrank. ''From that moment I looked around and launched Debaflora. Gradually I'm building a customer network; I visit growers for them and do business. I think that bringing supply and demand together in this way holds the future.”

Read more at Debaflora.com

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