Artificial Trees

We are based in Ft Lauderdale Florida and with my associates we are expert at artificial trees installations. From bamboo trees, palm trees like Areca Giant Palm, Island Palms, Rapheus Palms, to exotic trees.

We also specialize in custom silk flower arrangements.

Our list of clients go from famous restaurants like the Bimini Boatyard, Lazzara Yacht, Private yachts, Hotels, Offices, Country Clubs to private homes.

We can obtain artificial trees and many other varieties just for the asking. Trees can be shipped anywhere in the USA.

Artificial Trees Information
Certain trees have natural trunks, others are man made. Prices depend on height, number of leaves.Most trees are already potted in a small plastic black pot and you will have to find a proper container to match your decor.The majority of trees are for indoor use, but often used for outdoor in covered areas.

These artificial trees are made to order and drop shipped from Miami Florida. The trunk is natural dragon wood. The leaves are artificial. Several topiary shapes are available as well as the natural look. 

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Free Shipping to Continental USA

The pots are for display purpose only. The trees come in a plastic pot and you will have to find a suitable container. You will have to fluff up up the leaves upon arrival. Please email us for any questions you might have. For other artificial trees, please  explore our links below.

Artificial Palm Tree

Artificial Bamboo Tree

Ruscus tree with natural dragonwood trunks

Ruscus Tree 87" #4054
4,248 Leaves.    $296.00

Ruscus Topiary Tree

Ruscus Topiary Tree 78" #4108
4,248 Leaves. $300
34" across at its widest point

Ruscus Topiary with Natural Dragon wood Trunks

66" Ruscus Topiary
4 Natural Dragonwood Trunks
2,832 Leaves. #4112 $230.00
26" across at its widest point. 

Ruscus Tree

Ruscus Tree 81" 
4 Natural Dragonwood Trunks
#4039 $264.00
 4,248 Leaves.

Tiered Ming Aralia Tree

Tiered Ming Aralia Tree 90"
5 Natural Dragonwood trunks.
#4085  $330.00 
4,403 Leaves.  

Mango Tree

Mango Tree 80"
3 Natural Dragon wood Trunks 
#4088  $336.00   
1,944 Leaves.

Mango Tree

Mango Tree 92" 
1,476 Mango Leaves. 
#4079 $310.00

Weeping Willow Tree

Weeping Willow Tree.
89" 3 Trunks  
2,500 Deluxe Willow Leaves. 
#4096  $370.00

Mango Tree. 67 inch

Mango Tree. 67"
4 trunks and 1,476 leaves. 
#4086 $156.00

Ficus Triple Topiari

 Ficus Triple Topiary 69"
3 30" Tiers  1,344 leaves.
#4111 $256.00

Ficus Tree Deluxe

Ficus Tree  84"
3 Natural Dragonwood Trunks with 1,344 Ficus Leaves. 
# 4093  $250.00

Weeping Willow Deluxe Tree

Weeping Willow 9.5' 
3 Trunks with 2,500 Deluxe Willow Leaves. 
#4097 $490.00

Mango Tree

Mango Tree 67"
4 trunks with1,476 leaves 
#4076  $280.00

Ficus Tree Deluxe

Ficus Tree 72"
3 Trunks 840 Ficus Leaves. 
#4095 $174.00

Ming Tree Aralia

Ming Aralia 80" 
5 Trunks and 4,522 Leaves.
#4103 $270.00

Gingko Tree Articial

 Gingko Tree 88"
#4051 $300.00

Ming Aralia

Ming Aralia Topiary 86"
3 Natural trunks 4,998 leaves 
#4104 $280.00

Mango Tree Artificial

Mango Topiary Tree 3 Tiers
4 Natural Trunks 
1,476 Leaves arranged on 3 tiers. 

Bird Nest Tree

 Bird Nest Tree. 91" 
3 Wide Natural Trunks.
72  Leaves. 
#4102 $290.00