Silk Flower Centerpieces

There are countless ways to design silk-flower-centerpieces.

From selecting the appropriate container, to flowers that match the house theme.

artificial silk arrangement by Paolo calvenzani

To colors that will naturally blend and enhance the ambiance.

After learning the mechanics to create your silk flower centerpiece, you may simply find a design you like and duplicate it.

If you want to create an Original Flower Design, you need to access your creativity state.

In Ikebana, silence is essential to create that state. The observation of nature essential.

My great designer and friend, Connie, said to me that each design should be approached with the following attitude:

"To Accent The Presence Of Preciousness"

She also said that she treats flowers like little children.

So, each component that you use becomes something special. It's placement has a natural feel and ultimately convey to the observer certain ecstatic feelings when observing the created composition.

There is nothing that pleases me like the appreciation of my work by someone. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it is not easy to catch the attention of the beholder in this world of plenty.

If Creating your own flower arrangements could lead you to the path of self realization, certainly it is one of the most beautiful craft-art pursuit that is becoming lost in this mass manufacture, no originality, world.

I always enjoyed thinking that I was making a living with this gentle art appreciated by all people of planet earth. (If they can see beauty)

And can we say that the "Design" will come to you when you enter in the state of creativity?

Have fun checking my site.

Learn Styles for Silk-Flower-Centerpieces

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Making Silk Flowers Arrangements

Just a few notes on the preparation of the container.

Use the special foam specially indicated for dried and silks.

Avoid the fresh flower foam. It will crumble if used for this purpose.

"Floral foams" are available in small bricks or sheets.

Bricks are easier to pick.

Styrofoam sheets are harder and of different sizes. (Good for big projects)

Choose the appropriate one for your project.

When you need to stack bricks or foams in the container, do not glue them together because it will prevent the insertion of stems

Use glue on the sides and picks to joint them together

Cover the visible foam with mosses. You are ready to go.

Enter your Nirvana state.

Permanent Flowers Arrangement

This dining room arrangement features silk and preserved hydrangeas, silk roses, ranuculus.

The droopy staff is real preserved amaranthus caudatus. Ivy foliage throughout.

Elegant classic footed metal container with fruit prints

Flower Cornucopia

This cornucopia arrangement was made for a private client.

The cornucopia is made of resin. A copy of exquisite classical style container.

I used pheasant feathers, silk ranuculus which resemble roses, ivy foliage and naturally dried grasses

The house that went in had a Mediterranean, Italian style.

Silk Flowers Cornucopia

Tropical Flower Arrangement

Silk Tropical Flower Arrangement in Glass

I made this tropical flower arrangement for the office of South East Computers in Miami. A custom order.

It is a large tropical floral design because the office has high ceilings and a large wall behind.

I used a large glass container which I refilled with vines.

This one features artificial Birds of paradise, protes, heliconias, orchids, designer bamboo, and tropical foliage.

Tropical Flower Design

Another tropical flower design

I used the same tropical flowers as above minus the birds of paradise.

Silk Tropical Flower Arrangement with Bamboo

Tropical Mix Flower Design

Silk Tropical Flower Arrangement by Paolo

I made this tropical mix flower design using a classical style container made of glazed ceramic.

Very earthy.

I used a phalenopsis orchid which hans over succulent flowers, proteas and tropical ferns.

Silk Floral Arrangement
Artificial Flower Design

Thanks to all designers who inspire me

Keiko Nakamura

Connie Gallaway

Joyce of Joys florist

Victor Collica

Jim Schwanke

Debbie Caffacus


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Girard Emilia

Kevin Jennesses

Penny Jennesse

Vee Studio V Artist

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Kennet Turner

Constance Spray

Barbara Rothchild

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Silk flower arrangement
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