Preserved Flower Shop

This flower preserved shop features bulk preserved flowers and one of a kind preserved floral designs available to be purchased online or picked up in Fort Lauderdale.

The preserved roses, especially the premium are quite stunning.

Preserved Gardenia Arrangement Idea

Many are enamored with gardenias and now you can have the most beautiful gardenia for years. Hydrangeas too are one of my favorites and there are quite a few colors to choose from.

Can you imagine having a real rose that would last for years? Well, you can! What about a black rose? We have it!

Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers are obtained with a safe chemical process involving the absorption of glycerin and secret polymers to stabilize the process and make the floral product last.

Preserved flowers are different than freeze drying and to my opinion longer lasting and softer to to the touch.

They are still unknown to the general public, even though their popularity is bound to grow. If once preserved roses were just for kings and queens, they are now available to all. Well, there is only a limited amount.

All floral arrangements are made in Florida and shipped from Ft Lauderdale Fl.

Preserved Roses

Preserved Red Rose
Preserved Champagne Rose
Golden Yellow Preserved Rose
Preserved Sulphur Yellow Rose
Black Rose
Dark Pink Rose
Cranberry Preserved Rose
green tea preserved rose
light pink preserved rose
lilac preserved rose
burgundy preserved rose
sky blue preserved rose
orange preserved rose
White preserved rose
cherry blossom preserved rose

Dried and Preserved Flowers and foliage

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